Licensed New South Wales and Victorian Cadastral and Engineering Surveyors


Drone/UAV mappingDroneUAV orthophoto + contour lines

Mapping of sites with UAV's and specialist processing software has now delivered contours and orthophotos for rural and urban sites faster, with more detail and safer.

Hume Highway Duplication

The Hume Highway is the main vehicular route from Melbourne to Sydney. The Australian government has undertaken to duplicate the Highway along its entire length, which will result in 4 lanes of continuous divided carriageway. Walpole Surveying has undertaken several surveys for road acquisition purposes along the highway including final acquisition of land for the Bells Road interchange. One of our registered surveyors has personally surveyed the entire 30+ kilometres of highway from the Bells Road Interchange to the end of the, soon to be completed, Woomargama Bypass. 

Volt Lane Redevelopment

Office and carparking buildingAlbury's Volt Lane carpark is undergoing a $50 million redevelopment. The site is being transformed by the construction of a new multi-level carpark, a new building to accommodate the Australian Taxation Office, and an assortment of shops including cafes and fresh food market. We have been the project surveyors since the initial level and contour survey which was required for designing the development. Since then, we have subdivided the site with a conventional subdivision for contractual purposes, almost completed setout for the new carpark and tax office building, and have just completed the surveying and drafting of a complex, multi-level stratum subdivision. This will create unique titles, limited in height and depth, which are necessary for the various different ownerships within the buildings and carpark, and correct functioning of the multi-faceted development. 

Housing Commission Sites Redevelopment

In late 2008, Walpole Surveying successfully tendered to provide survey services to Sydney based Richard Crookes Constructions for the multi-million dollar redevelopment of 3 Housing NSW sites in Albury. Existing accommodation on the sites were a mixture of free-standing houses, one to a parcel and rows of dated (old) bed sitter units. We re-defined all of the boundaries for each of the titles in order that we could provide subsequent precise siting of the new single and double storey housing. Along the way we provided formwork and slab level certification for all of the housing, final building position checks and completed the project with consolidation of titles for two of the sites and subdivision for the largest site.